NFT Weekly 4/11/2022: Zuck Bucks coming to a metaverse near you, Terra makes moves in stablecoin war, and Activision looking to integrate NFTs to Call of Duty

In this week's newsletter, we cover some of the latest market NFT trends, Meta's work on Zuck Bucks, Terra's recent partnership with AVAX, and how Activision is looking to integrate NFTs with Call of Duty!

NFT Weekly 4/11/2022: Zuck Bucks coming to a metaverse near you, Terra makes moves in stablecoin war, and Activision looking to integrate NFTs to Call of Duty

NFT Floor Price

NFT Project Update

Bored Ape Yacht Club / Ape Coin DAO

  • New staking proposal by Lumberg and MachiBigBrother which propose a weekly snapshot (this will be averaged throughout the week to avoid dumping), auto-compounding, and Ape Coin cap per NFT. These proposals will likely take weeks/months to resolve before the community settles on one
  • Bored & Hungry, a restaurant designed around BAYC, opened in Long Beach, CA this weekend. Line was around the corner and the restaurant takes ETH + $APE as payment!
  • Coinbase announced a collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club and ApeCoin for an animated film called Degen Trilogy. Coinbase is offering a one-time licensing buyout of $10k in ApeCoin or Bitcoin, but rumored that Mutants will be available to license for a sequel. Licensing agreement will follow between holders and only give rights to Coinbase for this film series.


Adidas Originals

  • Ozworld experience launching to allow users to create their unique digital selves which will be used with Ready Player Me, a cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse! Adidas NFT holders will have early access

Wolf Game

  • Cave Game has commenced which allow NFT holders in Packs to earn WOOL, Merch, Gems, and other NFTs. Each step outside the lobby requires energy (higher alpha have better replenish rates) and finding loot first is critical. Gems are ERC-1155 NFTs and burning this NFT will guarantee a rare Farmer upon reveal.

Other Project Updates

Web3 and Crypto News

Zuckbucks coming to a Metaverse near you

Meta, parent company of Facebook, announced earlier this year that they have given up on their cryptocurrency Libra (previously Diem), but this isn't stopping them for creating a virtual currency for their upcoming Metaverse plans.

Similar to how games like League of Legends have Riot Points or how Roblox has a whole ecosystem powered by Robux, Meta plans to create their currency Zuck Bucks as a centrally-controlled in-app currency rather than a cryptocurrency that lives on the blockchain.

This isn't the first time that Facebook has launched a virtual currency to its ecosystem. Back in the early days when Facebook Games were one of the most played apps on the internet in late 2000s, Facebook introduced Facebook Credits where users could make in-app purchases for games such as Farmville.

This doesn't mean that Facebook is shying away from the blockchain though, as executives have also mentioned that they have plans to facilitate payments with Facebook Pay (which is being integrated with their digital currency wallet) as well as helping creators monetize their activity through NFTs.

Terra is making moves in the Stablecoin War with AVAX partnership

Stablecoins account for more than 10% of the entire crypto market cap. They're extremely popular for their basic non-existing volatility, easy bridge between DeFi and TradFi, and ability to move millions in DeFi with no slippage.

A few days ago, the Luna Foundation Guard, a Singaporean non-profit organization built to support Terra, acquired $100 million worth of $AVAX to boost the stablecoin reserve and making AVAX the second highest reserve behind Bitcoin.

Do Kwon, founder of Terraform Labs which powers the blockchain, said in an interview with Bloomberg that they chose Avalanche "because of its rapid growth and vast fan base".

The partnership will allow users to trade UST, Terra's stablecoin, directly on the Avalanche blockchain.

Activision could integrate NFTs into Call of Duty

An early report from a well-known Call of Duty leaker, RalphsValve, claimed that Activision's Infinity Ward studio is planning to overhaul the entire experience of a user's account, and Activision is considering adding support for NFTs.

This is some pretty big news if it were to happen. One of the biggest things missing from the blockchain gaming space is a major title and gaming studio incorporating NFTs, which can help drive mass adoption towards the 100 million Call of Duty users.

While these are just leaked reports, Microsoft did acquire the gaming studio a few months ago with the intention of incorporating blockchain technology and other metaverse concepts.

Other Web3 News

JustMinted Web3 Job Board

We recently released a Web3 job board! I curate some of the best roles throughout Web3 for both technical and non-technical careers! At this job board, you'll find some of the most amazing companies and roles in the Web3 space with easy applications. Occasionally, I'll reach out to the company to find more information on why the role is better as well!

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